City Nights Disco has experience throwing school discos of almost every type. We can help you organize events for student groups of any age or giant parties for the entire student body compiled of several different age groups. We can host the party on the school premises or work with you to choose an appropriate venue. If you would like to work with a certain theme or in celebration of a specific accomplishment, we can easily incorporate these elements into your school disco in Middlesex.

Because we find that it is best to center our parties around one specific age group, we offer split party discos for larger groups of mixed-age children so that every age group can have their moment in the sun with entertainment and music chosen specifically to meet their needs. Split discos are disco parties that are divided into hour or hour and a half time slots.

You can choose to have your entire student body present for the duration of the party throughout the various slots or invite specific age groups to enjoy themselves only for their assigned time slots – whatever best meets your school’s needs.