City Nights Disco is dedicated to making customizing every event to meet the specific needs of the client. We offer specific types of school discos in Buckinghamshire for students of every age, divided into three primary categories:

Children’s Disco Parties
Children’s disco parties are intended for groups of kids under seven years old. These parties are highly interactive and include several games and activities to keep the youngsters focused throughout the school disco. City Nights Disco makes sure to provide plenty of entertainers at these parties to ensure that every child has the opportunity to get involved.

Teen Disco Parties
Teen disco parties are aimed at teens and tweens between the ages of seven and twelve or thirteen years old. These parties are a bit less structured than children’s parties, encouraging independent socializing but still providing enough entertainment and activities to protect from too much teenage angst.

Young Adult Disco Parties
Young adult disco parties are for students that are over thirteen years old and that prefer a more mature party environment to socialize in, but are still young enough to need some supervision and guidance. These parties are great for getting older students to participate in their student bodies.