City Nights Disco is happy to help with parties for children of any age and for almost whatever theme you have in mind. Because we value placing the needs of our clients first, we have characterized our kids’ disco in Buckinghamshire into three types to help you understand which is best for you and your child:

Children’s Party Discos:
These parties are for kids from about four to eight or nine years old and include an extremely interactive DJ and team of entertainers.

Teen Disco Parties:
This type of party is intended for budding teenage kids from about nine to take or thirteen years old. At teen disco parties, we help the kids overcome any awkwardness or shyness they may be feeling by being in this new social situation to have the chance to enjoy themselves by creating the perfect mix of activities and free time.

Young Adult Discos:
These discos have many elements of a typical adult party, mixed in with child-friendly music and fun. They are intended for kids from thirteen to sixteen years old who feel like they are ready for the adult party scene – even though the parents might not quite agree yet.