Many people believe that themes are solely for birthdays or maybe dinner parties, but little else. City Nights Disco is here to show that themes can liven up practically any event. In our over twenty years of service to the Middlesex community, we have added themes to every type of event that we offer to the rave reviews of both our clients and their guests. Themed birthday parties and dinners are not bad ideas, but why not add a theme to your wedding reception or wedding anniversary party?

Themes can be as indepth as you choose; some of our clients choose simple themes like “beach day” that allow their guests a great deal of freedom in how they participate, while others choose themes like “I Love Lucy”, requiring more strict adherence and a greater level of detail on the part of the guests. In addition, themes are great for kids’ parties with youth of all ages – you’ll be hard pressed to find a child that doesn’t love to play dress-up and make-believe. Themes can even be added to corporate events to encourage employees to relax and enjoy themselves at their workplace with their colleagues.