Because we will help you plan almost every aspect of your party, a mobile disco can benefit almost any type of event. Need help choosing the right venue? We can help. Unsure of who to choose as food and drink vendors? We have a list of associate companies that have provided our clients with incredible service. Hesitating on the invitation list or method of contacting guests? We know what to do. Considering adding a theme but out of ideas for a realistic but fun option?

Our years of experience have given us an arsenal of theme ideas for you to choose from and customize. In the past, we have worked birthday parties both big and small for adults and children of all ages, wedding and anniversary party receptions, work reunions and meetings, club discos, karaoke events, and a number of other party types. We can provide our services at almost any venue and for groups of any size. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions concerning your specific type of party or audience – we are happy to work with you to design the perfect party for you!