We understand that children tend to have shorter attention spans than their more elderly counterparts. We structure our children’s parties to cater to these needs for more constant change and excitement by incorporating several games, actives, and even competitions into our children’s disco in Buckinghamshire.

By no means aiming to divide the young party guests, these activities are meant to take away any nervousness the shy children may be feeling and let everyone join in the fun. We encourage our hosts to buy small, inexpensive prizes to be given to the children during these games, making sure there are enough rewards for every child to receive at least one.

Dividing the party time into small sections dedicated to specific things like a game or guided dancing will make sure that your young guests are kept entertained throughout your party, leaving no time for troublemaking or missing of the parents. Best of all, organizing your party with City Nights Disco provides you with a children-friendly DJ and as many entertainers as you need to manage your party to the last detail, allowing you to share all the special moments with your child.