To make the most of a children’s disco in Surrey, it is best to provide each of the children with name tags to wear throughout the party. This will allow our DJ and entertainers to personally interact with the children and assure that no one is left out. Purchasing a batch of small prizes to be awarded throughout the day is a great way to reward the children for good behavior and keep them focused on the events at hand.

The types of prizes awarded are completely up to the discretion of the hosts, but we recommend buying at least one prize per child to include everyone. Consider grabbing a bag of mini candy bars or lollipops for an easy prize idea.

Your children will grow up faster than you think – don’t miss the opportunity to provide them with a killer birthday bash to celebrate with you and all their friends. Help us choose the perfect theme for the birthday boy or girl and make it into a reality through decorations, entertainment, music, and special effects. Hand-pick a playlist for our child-friendly DJ or let us do all the work based on your child’s overall music tastes.

Choose the special effects that you think will most excite your child and their guests. Help decide what type of laser show you would like and when is the best time for this big crowd-pleaser. Best of all, after helping craft the perfect party all you have to do on the big day is sit back and enjoy the fun and company with your child while we orchestrate the entire event.