City Nights Disco is proud to offer professional children’s DJs at all children’s disco parties. Our DJs are specialized in children’s entertainment and have years of experience pleasing the younger generations. They are happy not only to play music, but also to interact with the children and make sure everyone enjoys the event.

Our children’s party DJs are happy to come prepared with a playlist of the greatest hits for your child’s age group or can create a unique playlist with you and your child’s favorite songs and musical genres. We understand the importance of composing musical entertainment with kids’ interests in mind and can guarantee that our parties are completely child-appropriate. All of our DJs come prepared to your child’s birthday party with a state-of-the-art sound system to project the fun throughout your event venue.

Any number of entertainers can also be provided to accompany the DJ at your party and to help out with any of the activities you have settled on for the event. Especially at larger birthday parties, entertainers can make sure all of the kids attending the party feel included and appreciated throughout the celebration. Especially with groups of younger children, entertainers can help keep everyone on track and participating.

City Nights Disco parties also include an array of special effects to awe your party guests and really make it a memorable occasion. Our DJs always come to parties equipped with an exciting laser light show that can be timed to sync up with whatever notable point in the evening you choose. In addition, you can order any number of our other special effects to occur throughout the event or at certain times. We have smoke machines, flame pots, disco balls, and many other enticing add-ons available to make this event truly remarkable.