You will receive all the aspects for a great party you need in one simple package when hiring a mobile disco from City Nights Disco. Not only will we provide an incredible DJ with years of experience at your mobile disco, we will also bring whatever sound equipment you need to adequately outfit your chosen venue. Our professional sound systems are guaranteed to project your tunes throughout your event space so that everyone can enjoy themselves all night long.

We also provide exciting video services at all our mobile discos. This is a great add-on because it really helps to set the atmosphere, getting your guests in the right mood. This service includes a white screen, unless an open space is available at your venue, the projector, and a video selection. We can offer a wide array of videos to choose from so that your stream aligns perfectly with your party stream. We can show music videos from the type of music your mobile DJ in Hertfordshire is playing, any selection of photographs either from our collection or yours, or ultra-modern images like ink plots or water splashes.

Another exciting option is to project a life stream from your party, giving all of your guests the chance to shine in the big screen throughout the event. This is also great if you plan on honoring one or more special guests – you can easily show whatever highlights of your party you would like on the screen so that, no matter where your guests are in your venue, they can see the main event.