As briefly mentioned above, our children’s discos in Hertfordshire can include any number of games, activities, and competitions to entertain your young guest throughout the event. We suggest providing some sort of door prize during children’s discos as well, so that any game winners can get a small reward but also so that every guest gets to go home with a fun little keepsake.

To ensure that these activities are most effective and to guarantee the safety of young children, we usually provide kid-friendly entertainers at our children’s discos in Hertfordshire. Our entertainers love playing with young kids and can really make the difference in the success of your party, especially because they allow you to join in the fun instead of running around after all your young guests throughout the event.

We also provide a kid-friendly DJ to all of our children’s discos in Hertfordshire. These DJs are trained in children’s entertainment and will come prepared with a fun mix of kid-friendly music to keep the energy levels up throughout the party. You don’t have to worry about providing the stereo either – they bring a high quality sound system along with any other technology that you request.

We can also offer as many special effects as you would like, including items like a bubble machine or smoke machine, to achieve the desired party atmosphere you are aiming for. We will think of all the details so that you don’t have to. Don’t let your children’s most precious years of development fly by without experiencing them alongside your family. Host a children’s disco in Hertfordshire with the help of City Nights Disco to squeeze in the quality time with you family with none of the stress but all of the fun!