All of our children’s parties are provided with an experienced children’s DJ. One of the main aspects of our company that makes us stand apart from our competitors is that our staff who participate in our children’s events do so because they have expressed a love for working with children and bringing smiles to their faces. You will see the difference this sincerity makes in the dedication and versatility of both our DJs and entertainers.

Beyond the experience and good energy that our staff will bring to your special event, our DJs will also provide an advanced sound system and mixing station to entertain your young guests. Our DJs are always happy to create a customized playlist based on you and your child’s favorite artists or genres or can take a prepared list from you, all the while taking any requests live during the party. Our DJs can bring any of a number of special effects per you or your child’s request, ranging from a personalized laser light show to smoke machines and mood strobe lights.