City Nights Disco is in the business of making people happy. Karaoke is known to be an international icebreaker, at first intimidating many but usually bringing down any social barriers in a matter of minutes once the first couple songs have been humorously sung along to.

We offer karaoke disco hires and karaoke machines for any of our clients that are looking for a more interactive and light-hearted party. These can be great to release any built up tension in the workplace during an extended weeky lunch or to finally give a shot to your lower-ranked employees to see their superiors struggling in the comical spotlight.

Karaoke is a great way to get everyone in a great mood at a more personal party as well, either encouraging interaction between strangers or creating new memories between old friends. Your guests can tackle the big stage all on their own or rock out with their favorite workmates or childhood friends! No matter the situation, a karaoke disco translates into an entertaining party.