A mobile disco from City Nights Discos includes everything you need to get your party started! We will provide you with a quality mobile DJ in Hertfordshire with experience in your type of event and musical preferences to oversee the event and get everyone in a festive mood. Your Hertfordshire DJ will come prepared to your event with whatever technological equipment you require, including a state of the art sound system and as many speakers as you need to make sure all of your guests can hear your chosen music throughout your venue. In addition, your DJ hire in Hertfordshire will bring along specialized video equipment.

We can provide you with as many flat-screen television screens as required to stream your chosen videos throughout the night, or set up projectors and screens to show your videos wherever you like – even on the ceiling or floor if requested! We can even provide a mix of both TVs and projectors for larger events or venues whereby the client is looking for some entertainment variety. Everything can be synced up to display the same things throughout the night or some of the screens and projectors can display one image or stream while the rest display something different. It is your party, so we will make sure it reflects your tastes and entertainment style perfectly!