A mobile disco from City Nights Discos includes everything you need to throw the party of your dreams. We provide state of the art sound and mixing equipment for use either by you or one of a professional City Nights Discos DJ in Hampshire. We will include as many speakers as necessary to adequately outfit your chosen venue, whatever the size or layout. What really makes our mobile discos special, however, is the video component we will link to the audio offerings.

We will sync whatever music you have chosen to play with a unique combination of visuals and/or videos, guaranteed to keep your guests enraptured and entertained throughout your event! Your visuals can be displayed either on projectors set up on white screens, walls, or ceilings, or on large flat screen TVs anywhere you choose in your venue. We can even create a combination of these options if that best suits your party needs. Your mobile DJ in Hampshire will make sure all your guests get to enjoy your mobile disco visuals!

Our visual options are practically endless. We can play almost anything you like on screens throughout the venue. We often provide clients with a fun and long-lasting mash up of music videos, whose music can be played over the speakers or whose visuals can act as standalone entertainment. On the other hand, we can project psychedelic images or graphics, static or in movement, to set the mood of your party. We can flash colors, a pre-set array of images from a certain theme, text or inspiration quotes, or pretty much anything you request to help out with your desired party atmosphere. If you are hosting a fun and interactive karaoke event, we can stream the lyrics on the screens so that all your guests can sing along to their favorites.

We can also take a composition of pictures and videos from you, if looking for a more sentimental atmosphere, to remind all your guests of why they are there in a fun and heartwarming way. Another fun option is a live video feed. We can set up video cameras throughout the venue, allowing your guests to get on the big screen for at least a couple minutes of the night and really feel the spotlight. Even better, with this option, you can easily create a visual souvenir of the events of the night for everyone to remember and cherish later on.

Like every aspect of a City Nights Discos event, our video and visual options can be customized to meet your exact preferences. Your chosen images and videos can be set to change automatically throughout the event at given intervals or can be manually controlled by either you or a City Nights Discos DJ Hampshire to meet up perfectly with the sequence of events of the nights, the tempo of the music, or any other pattern you choose. You can choose to set the streams to automatic for a portion of the night and then change it to manual control for another part. We pride ourselves on individualizing all of our parties to the specific requirements of our clients, so you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to meet your exact party needs.