City Nights Disco’s teen disco parties are aimed at kids from about the age of nine to twelve or thirteen years old. We have separated our party offerings by age because we have learned that different age groups tend to respond best to parties structured in different ways.

This (pre-)teen age group is extremely preoccupied with making a good impression on their peers, so we are extremely careful to facilitate easy social interactions and avoid any potentially embarrassing activities so as to put all of our teen guests at ease.

We also offer children’s disco parties and young adult disco parties. Children’s disco parties are intended for children under the age of nine. For these events, we offer DJs that have specialized in children’s entertainment and make sure to plan many games and activities to keep the attention of the young guests throughout the party.

At young adult parties, aimed at those over thirteen years old, we simulate a typical adult party but include more child-friendly elements. Here we give the kids plenty of space to explore their social relationships but give them enough distractions to avoid too much awkward downtime.