There is little argument over the belief that music is of utmost important to maintaining a festive atmosphere at weddings and wedding receptions. The debate ensues when discussing which will bring about the right atmosphere for your wedding: the wedding band or the wedding DJ? Both a wedding band and DJ have their merits.

Providing a performance in addition to great music, a wedding band spreads energy just by being at the party. If it is a good band, they can breathe life into a slow party and set the mood when it is time to dim the lights. The biggest drawback to wedding bands is that they tend to be rather limited in their music offerings, providing wedding guests with selections from only one musical genre and restricted by their instrumental options.

Wedding DJs, on the other hand, are able to offer a massive array of music according to you and your guests’ tastes at the drop of a dime. They are not limited by equipment or their memorization of a song, instead only by your preferences and musical desires. City Nights Disco’s wedding DJs have years of experience entertaining at weddings and are happy to collaborate with you to find the perfect, individualized music set for the night. Our DJs can accept any type of music requests throughout the event and are also happy to help manage any announcements or speeches that may be given during the wedding.