Our decades of experience have taught us that children of different ages enjoy significantly different types of parties as well. To make sure our clients receive the kids’ party and entertainment that is right for their specific needs, we have divided our offerings for kids’ parties in Hertfordshire by age group.

This guarantees that the services you receive for our special event are tailored to your young guests’ needs without requiring you to stress too much over the details.
Check out what types of kids’ parties in Hertfordshire you may want:

Children’s Party Discos:
For children aged four to eight or nine. This is the youngest group of children we usually work with, and definitely one of the most fun! Kids at this age need a great deal of structure and supervision, so our children’s party discos provide many planned activities, games, and competitions to keep your small guests entertained and out of trouble throughout event.

To make sure everyone is included and having a great time, we usually provide a number of entertainers to help oversee the event and interact with the children. Our entertainers are trained to work with children and are happy to interact with your guests however needed to make sure everyone enjoys themselves. In addition, our kid-friendly DJs will provide fun music and guidance during your kids’ party, taking the pressure of organization and oversight off of you.

Teen Party Discos:
For kids aged nine to twelve or thirteen. Kids that are a little older are at the cusp of adulthood, feeling out the waters of more mature interactions. Of course, even these kids are still young enough to enjoy games, competitions, and activities too! At our teen party discos, we combine both of these elements to give your guests a few options for how to enjoy themselves and interact with one another.

Our teen-friendly DJ will oversee the event and make sure to include your child’s favorite tunes along with some of the hottest tunes of the day for that age group to guarantee that the party is a success.

Young Adult Party Discos:
For kids from thirteen and up. Kids in this age group tend to be getting more and more curious about the “adult world”, preferring to interact in a more mature way than their younger counterparts. To accommodate this different attitude, our young adult parties closely resemble a typical party for adults but provides more interactive options for entertainment to help out the shy ones of the bunch and make sure everyone has a chance to participate in the fun.

Our DJs will play your preferred music along with the coolest music of the season, giving your guests the chance to show off their dance moves at one of the funnest (and safest) young adult events around town.