City Nights Discos provides affordable karaoke disco machines for rent in the Berkshire region. Our system uses the highest quality audio with lyrics that appear on a High Definition screen. Each unit comes with four microphones, which quadruples the fun as guests can choose to go at it solo or tackle a song as a team. Often, the more people that sing along, the wilder it gets.

In addition, our track selection is also very extensive, so whether you want to sing along to contemporary tracks like Call Me Maybe, Gangnam Style or oldies like Abba or the Beatles, you will have access to songs across all genres and generations. All tracks are digitally stored and formatted in an easy-to-use menu bar where you can effortlessly navigate and browse according to genre or by alphabetical order. You can also store your own favorite playlist for quick retrieval of individual tracks.

You can rent one of our karaoke machine systems for your home if you are throwing a house party and plug the unit into your TV. For a larger scale event, we provide sound systems to go with it to amplify the whole room. Whatever type of event you are throwing, just let us know and we will consult you on the type of rental that would be suitable and provide you the most cost-effective solution. Our rental packages also come with a live DJ and a full light show complete with special effects to turn any room into a dance floor.