City Nights Disco has specialized in children’s entertainment for the last two decades, making us experts in the field. Our experience has taught us that when entertaining children, the most important deciding factor in party activities and organization is the average age of guests.For this reason we have divided our kids’ parties by primary age group, making it as easy as possible for you to choose the disco party that is right for you. City Nights Disco offers three types of kids’ parties by age:

Children’s Disco Parties: For children up to age nine. These parties are full of fun activities and overseen not only by a kids-friendly DJ, but also a number of interactive entertainers to make sure all your little guests can participate in the entertainment.

Teen Disco Parties: For kids aged nine to twelve or thirteen. These parties are less structured the children’s parties, but still offer a clear schedule of entertainment so that no one gets bored. Our DJs will make sure to play a mix of your child’s favorite musical genres with some of the hottest hits of the day.

Young Adult Disco Parties: For kids from thirteen and up. These parties are usually even less structured than teen disco parties, but still more so than the typical party for adults. Here our DJs give your young guests more freedom to mingle on their own, but eliminate the potential awkward periods of downtime with activities and competitions.