If you opt for the full City Nights Disco karaoke disco experience, we will take care of all of the details of your event from start to finish. We can help you plan the entire event, even providing you with karaoke party ideas or themes if you would like.

On the big day of the event, we will send an experienced karaoke DJ to your venue with as many entertainers as needed to support the planned activities of the event. All of our DJs come prepared to these events with a great sound system that is guaranteed to have your guests jamming to the music in every corner of your venue.We can also bring any number of special effects to your event to accompany the DJ and karaoke.

We often provide an awe-inspiring laser light show for parties that are looking to really reflect the disco atmosphere, but we can also bring extras like disco balls, smoke machines, and bubble machines if we think they would enhance your party. We will make sure to provide you with as much personnel as you need to manage these effects and activities without any problems. Talk to us about all the special effects we have to offer to find the perfect combination for your karaoke disco.