City Nights Disco is dedicated to providing individualized services to its clients. That means that we can help you throw a small school disco for just one or a couple classes or we can help you organize a school-wide disco for many groups of students of different ages. We will work with you from the beginning to understand exactly what type of school disco you hope to host, offering you music, theme, and activity ideas when desired.

We will provide a professional children’s DJ to oversee the event and bring along our own state of the art sound system to project your chosen tunes throughout the venue. If necessary, we can also provide as many kids’ disco entertainers as required to include all of your students in the festivities and make sure all the activities go smoothly. For kids’ parties, we tend to offer our services by age group to best fit the needs of differently aged students.

For very young students under nine years old, we usually offer children’s disco parties that include several structured activities and sing-along songs. We want to make sure young students are entertained throughout the party so that they don’t become bored and get into any trouble. We recommend having several assistants or entertainers present at these kids’ discos to ensure the entertainment and safety of all children present.

For students between nine years old up to about thirteen years old, we usually offer a teen party. These events usually have less activities and more unstructured free time – but not so much that potentially unsure students are at a loss of how to interact or enjoy themselves.

For older students between thirteen and sixteen years old, we offer a Young Adult party that resembles a normal adult party in its focus on allowing the kids to independently socialize and manage their time. These parties also tend to have more dancing than those for younger students. If you are unsure of which type of party would best suit your student body, give us a call to discuss what the best solution for your unique school situation may be.