City Nights Disco is a full service party provider, meaning that we can help you in almost every aspect of the party planning process from start to end. Need help choosing the appropriate venue for your anniversary party and or deciding on the best number of guests to invite? No problem, we have many venues that we have had positive experiences with in the past and can recommend the ideal number of guests to invite for every type of wedding.

Looking for servers or bartenders? We have many relationships with food and drink providers in the London area as well. If you are like many modern couples and would like to explore making this wedding anniversary party different from all those you’ve had in the past by adding a fun theme to the event, City Nights Disco can also help you plan even the smallest details to make your theme a roaring success.

Similarly, as many important anniversary years also have automatic themes like gold or silver, we can make sure your venue and entertainment options align with these more traditional wedding anniversary themes. Simply let us know what you are looking for, and we will make sure you have it.