Our wedding DJs are masters at syncing up music to the right mood of the crowd and the development of the wedding, understanding perfectly when they should respond to the vibes of the crowd and when it is time to pump things up. City Nights Disco’s expertise comes from over twenty years of experience in the Buckinghamshire region, helping host hundreds of weddings of various sizes and themes.

We can advise you on some tricks of the trade to help in the planning and execution of many aspects of your wedding, saving you the time and energy you would otherwise spend essentially reinventing the wheel.

Depending on your intended wedding theme and environment, we can help you plan hilarious games or invigorating competitions like a dance-off or scavenger hunt to encourage interaction between your guests and a laidback atmosphere. Along the same lines, we are happy to delve deeply into whatever theme you may have chosen for your wedding, whether it be Downton Abbey or Elvis, with our music, entertainment, and organization suggestions.