City Nights Disco is also happy to provide several types of special effects for your wedding disco in Oxfordshire. We often pair our wedding DJs with a laser-light show that really impresses most guests, but we can also bring any array of special effects like smoke machines, flame pots, or bubble machines to achieve your desired wedding atmosphere.

If your wedding will be more involved, we can also provide as much help in the form of assistance or entertainers to guarantee that your wedding proceeds exactly as we have planned. We will make sure that your wedding is just how you always dreamed it would be.

Don’t let yourself get stressed about your wedding because of the great amount of planning involved in making the wedding disco that you have always dreamed of. City Nights Disco can take all of the pressure of planning away before and during the wedding, leaving you to only enjoy your spouse and all of the guests that have gathered in honor of your new life together. Plan your wedding disco with City Nights Disco in Oxfordshire for a guaranteed great party with none of the stress!