Whether your corporate event is meant to be large or small, you undoubtedly want it to be memorable and entertaining. A great way to make an event stand out and really help attendees relax is to showcase one or more special effects or activities at your event. As a full service provider, City Nights Disco offers an array of equipment rentals and special effect options.

We are well known for offering our customers an exciting laser light show but can also bring along special effects like flame pots, tiki torches, and disco balls. We also offer certain types of party equipment for rental, like karaoke machines and microphones. Whatever you need, we can help you find it.

Start a new trend at your office by organizing a monthly corporate event with music and appetizers to thank your dedicated staff and promote good relations between everyone, at every hierarchical level. Or, thank that employee who has dedicated the last twenty years of her career to your company and is finally retiring with a heartfelt going away party.