Our mobile discos also bring entertainment in other forms to the students at the party. Our entertainers are trained in children’s entertainment, making them experts in age-appropriate games and icebreakers.

For younger-aged children
We like to schedule a great deal of interactive games and and physical activities to keep the kids in movement and focused on interacting with those around them.

For those children around the ages of eight to eleven
We concentrate more on icebreaking activities while letting the kids move around independently in their social interactions, respecting their new desire to relate in a somewhat more mature manner than before.

For young adults
We usually aim to create a more festive atmosphere with less organized activities by us, recognizing the fact that kids at this age are content to have the freedom to guide their own social interactions with their favorite music playing in the background.

If the mobile disco in Surrey is for a specific groups of kids of mixed ages, we can host a split party or intermix the various activities we usually use with specific age groups into one medley for everyone to enjoy. We will always attempt to make all attendees feel catered to and welcome at our events.