Birthdays are also a spectacle for children and in some ways even more special for the parents because it is an opportunity for them to create positive early memories for their kids. Sure, you can hang a piñata, bring in a clown or hire an animal balloon maker; those are all fine and dandy though only a birthday party DJ will have the charisma to really engage with children at a level they can understand.

Of course, there are also teenagers. The 15th birthday is especially a big one for girls and is the one where the family throws a big quinceanera. There is also the sweet 16 where the birthday girl can truly be the princess for a day as she is lavished with gifts and surrounded by her closest friends.

How about a birthday bash for toddlers? Sure, they may not remember it but the parents certainly will, and it will create fond memories when parents make the most of their time with their children while they are still small enough to be held. The bottom line is that there is no such thing as being too young or old to have an extravagant party.