We prefer to divide up our kids’ discos by age to best suit the needs of students of those age groups. However, we recognize that in many cases students of significantly different ages will be present contemporaneously at a school disco. To overcome this challenge, City Nights Disco offers school split discos.

These are discos that are divided into time slots of one or one and half hours by student grade or age group. In this way, each student group gets to have the disco to themselves or gets to have the music and activities geared towards their needs for a dedicated portion of the disco. Every student can have their preferences met at some point during the school disco if not throughout the entire event.

A split disco is a great compromise to give your entire student body the chance to socialize together but still receive their preferred party atmosphere for at least a part of the time. If you would like to host a split disco at your school but aren’t sure exactly how it might work out, give us a call today to find out exactly how we can collaborate with you to make it happen.