It is the responsibility of the venue to provide signage, hand sanitiser for guests and to mark out areas to ensure social distancing.

Setting Up

  • If possible setup early before guests arrive at the venue.
  • Wear a face covering whilst loading in/out. (This will also prevent you inadvertently touching your mouth & nose with your hands).
  • Carry a small hand sanitiser spray bottle and use it frequently.
  • Use sanitiser wipes for microphones which are used by the public.
  • Take your own refreshments to minimise close contact with others and to avoid the use of venue supplied service ware.

Physical Barriers

  • Use a pole/rope barrier or even flight cases at the front of your rig to stop people getting too close.
  • If a stage is available set up equipment right at the front so that guests cannot step up onto it.
  • At the end of the performance move your physical barrier(s) further away to allow you to break down safely and keep people away from your workspace.
  • Ideally, wait until all the guests have departed before moving equipment from the venue, using your face mask and hand sanitiser of course!

Performance Tips

  • Have printed request slips and/or a text option for song choices so people don’t have to try and talk to you close up.
  • Keep the volume at a lower level so people don’t need to shout or get close to converse with you. This will also be of benefit to all the staff and guests too.

In the meantime Stay Safe and let’s hope that the new normal will include entertainment for the masses soon!