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Here at City Nights Disco we specialise in doing Kids Discos, for Kids of all ages!

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Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire.
Looking to spend some quality time with your kids but not sure how to do it in the most memorable and fun way? City Nights Discos has been providing mobile children’s discos, professional DJs and children’s entertainers for hire for over twenty years.

The experience we havve gained over this time has made us experts in children’s entertainment, guaranteeing that we can provide a DJ and personalised disco for you and your loved ones that is perfect for the attending children, whatever their age. In fact, we divide our party offerings for children by age group to make sure we provide the right sort of children’s disco entertainers or your guests’ specific needs. Our children’s disco party is intended for your kids under the age of nine, so check out our teen disco parties and young adult disco parties for older kids.

Let us worry about the fun so you can enjoy the party yourself – we promise to keep your children at any party or disco event we do thoroughly entertained for the whole time we are there!

City Nights Discos has been providing mobile Children’s Discos, Professional DJs and Children’s Entertainers for hire, for over 20 years. The experience we’ve gained over this time guarantees we can provide a DJ and personalised Disco that is perfect for the attending Children, whatever their age.

The frequency with which Parents comment on how pleased they were with our Children’s DJs, following a Children’s Disco Party, never ceases to amaze! The most common response is that in their previous experiences, “The Children’s Party DJ just stood there and played some music”… WE ARE DIFFERENT!

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City Nights Discos specialist Children’s Party DJs and Children’s Entertainers use their extensive experience of doing Children’s Parties to create a lively and energetic atmosphere for your Children, from start to finish. We organise gamescompetitions and activities, as well as handing out spot prizes, as these are great ways of keeping young Children’s 100% attention. We interact fully with the Children, always being approachable & friendly, playing their favourite music, and demonstrating some of the moves to the songs we’re playing too!

The key factor is that our Children’s Disco Party DJs enjoy working with Children.

If the DJ is having fun how can the Children resist joining in?

What Makes Our Children’s Disco Entertainers Stand Out?

City Nights Disco’s specialist children’s party DJs and children’s entertainers use their extensive experience of doing children’s parties to create a lively and energetic atmosphere for your children, from start to finish. We understand the importance of keeping the attention of your kids focused, so we organise games, competitions and activities, as well as hand out spot prizes at all of our children’s disco parties. These are great ways of keeping young children 100% entertained.

Even more, our children’s disco entertainers love working and interacting with kids. At a City Nights Disco children’s disco, we interact fully with the children, always being approachable and friendly, playing their favourite music, and demonstrating some of the moves to the songs we’re playing too! What sets us apart from other party providers is that our children’s disco party DJs enjoy working with children – if the DJ is having fun how can the children resist joining in? By keeping the children thoroughly entertained, we ensure that they are happy and involved so that you can relax and enjoy the party too!

By keeping the Children thoroughly entertained, we ensure that they are happy and involved, and this means you can relax and enjoy the Party too!

“Thank you so much for the superb children’s disco you gave Natasha yesterday. She had a really wonderful time. At school this morning many mothers came up to say their children thought it was the best party they had been to!”
- Tina. 9th Birthday

Every disco we do is totally individual, and designed to meet your own child’s requirements.

This includes:

  • A very high quality sound system
  • A FULL Disco light-show
  • Your very own choice of special effects
  • A Professional Children’s DJ

……all included in your quote!
Our Children’s Discos really are tailor-made to suit each Party, simply tell us what you do or don’t want, regarding ANY aspect of your Disco.

It takes a certain type of DJ to get involved and do a Children’s Party properly. We do NOT just come along and play some music in the hope that the Children will run around and have a good time.

“A really big thank you to you for the excellent DJ you sent to entertain at my daughters party. We all had a great time”
- Louise Perry. Children's Party

What Type of Music Can City Nights Disco Offer for Children’s Discos?

We’ll gladly accept a music playlist from you, as well as taking requests at the party from you or our young guests. Our children’s party DJs will work closely with you to design the perfect, individualized playlist to suit your needs. Our aim is to personalise the disco in every respect. The only thing we’ll ask you to provide will be some prizes for us to give out. You can spend as little or as much as you like on prizes, but a multi-bag of fun-size Mars-bar type sweets (or similar) is sufficient.

Prizes are a sure-fire way of keeping children’s attention throughout any disco party. You may also wish to consider wrapping up a pass-the-parcel or two for younger children up to six or seven years old as a fun game – this is a guaranteed hit with the younger ones! Large (easily visible), name badges are also a good idea in helping us give your children’s party a more personal touch, so that we can talk to and also present any prizes or announce any winners using the children’s own names.

With the right music, lighting, special effects, and children’s entertainment and games to suit ANY age, City Nights Disco will cater to your individual tastes to create a children’s party not easy to forget.

With the right music, lighting, special-effects and Children’s Entertainment & Games to suit ANY age, City Nights Discos will cater to your individual tastes to create a Children’s Party to truly remember forever.

We have vast experience of working with Children, and we can guarantee to get your Children’s Party Disco just right!

If you’d like to read what other people have said about our Children’s Parties, please visit our Children’s Discos Testimonials page CLICK HERE




Quality Disco’s at affordable prices, personalised in every way to create your perfect Party.

Our prices include a Professional DJ, a high quality sound system, a full light-show and any or all of our array of special effects, and we’ll play your very own choice of music too!

Click here for a Quote  for your Party, or follow this link to see what our previous customers have been saying about us.

What our customers say about our children’s disco DJ and entertainment solutions


City Nights Disco
Reviewed by Tina. 9th Birthday on
Superb children’s disco!

Thank you so much for the superb children disco you gave Natasha yesterday. She had a really wonderful time. At school this morning many mothers came up to say their children thought it was the best party they had been to!

Rating: 5


City Nights Disco
Reviewed by Louise Perry. Children’s Party on
Thanks for the great children disco!

A really big thank you to you for the excellent DJ you sent to entertain at my daughters party. We all had a great time!

Rating: 5


kids disco

Kids Disco Party DJs, and children’s Entertainers for Hire

Spending quality time with your kids is often harder than it may first appear, largely due to hectic and mismatching schedules of family members and a general loss of perspective on how fast time can fly by. For some parents, fear of the stress and monetary commitment involved with organizing an event with the family for kids is overwhelming, dissuading them from even starting the planning.

Don’t let your kids’ childhood slip by without creating some lasting memories of time spent well together – organize a kids’ party to guarantee that you work in that time together in the midst of your loved ones! City Nights Disco has been throwing disco parties for kids for the whole family to celebrate together for over twenty years. We specialize in offering clients a fun and safe disco kids’ disco party for children of any age and groups of any size.

We provide professional kids’ DJs that are highly experienced and completely reliable, guaranteed to get the content of your kids’ disco just right whatever the age group(s) of kids you have attending.

Our Kids DJ’s are Professional, highly experienced and completely reliable, and will get the content of your Party just right, whatever age group(s) of Kids you have attending. People use the word ‘Kids’ to describe a broad age group of young people, from toddlers and young children, right up to young teenagers and older teenaged ‘young adults’.

What Type of Disco Parties for Kids Does City Nights Disco Offer?

City Nights Disco is dedicated to providing our clients with the exact party services and party experience they need, whatever type of disco party for kids they have in mind. We personalize all of our events so that they uniquely meet the requests of our individual clients.

Many of our disco parties for kids are kids’ birthday parties, but we are also experienced in offering kids’ celebrations for sports and academic successes, family reunions, community gatherings, and a number of other kids’ events. We understand how much a kids’ disco party can vary in content and specifics, so we promise to work closely with you throughout the planning process so that we don’t miss a single detail you are looking for.

kids party games

We are also experienced in customizing parties to various themes and providing interested clients with several theme options, so just let us know if you are considering adding a theme to your party and we can help you figure out what is the best way to adapt your event. Contact us to find out how we can turn your next kids’ disco into a family event that won’t be quickly forgotten!

What Services Come with a City Nights Disco Kids’ Disco Party?

With our over twenty years of experience planning disco parties for kids, we know that age does matter. The dominant age group of kids present at the event is a very important aspect of your event, determining your schedule, music choices, activity schedule, and in general what is and is not possible at your kids’ disco.

To make sure you get the exact type of party services you need to best suit your guests, we have divided up our disco party for kids offerings by age group. Although we continue to customize each event to your specific requests, organizing our parties by age makes it easier for you to plan many of the aspects of your event automatically based on what is usually best for your guests’ age group. We currently offer three different categories of disco party for kids by age:

For children aged four to eight or nine. This is our party designed for the youngest of guests, requiring a great deal of interaction but always resulting in a lot of fun! We make sure these parties are heavily structured, with almost all of the party planned out in advance with several activities, games, and dances scheduled so that your young ones’ won’t get bored and into trouble.

We often organize for prizes to be given for many of the activities, incentivizing the kids to participate and ultimately rewarding their effort and interaction with the other children. We also provide a number of entertainers to assist the DJ during the events, ensuring that your young guests are well taken care of and participating throughout your kids’ disco party.

For kids aged nine to twelve or thirteen. Children at this age appreciate a bit more freedom in their activities, so at our teen disco parties we make sure to plan enough activities to help the kids have fun but still allow them enough time to interact on their own. At these parties, we still enjoy rewarding positive behavior with small prizes and increasing interaction through games and dances.

Your DJ will be specialized in providing teen entertainment, coming prepared to your event with the exact type of music you asked for and some hits with the younger crowd.

For kids from thirteen and up. These disco parties for kids are catered towards older groups of kids, those approaching adulthood. Since this age group is one of the most difficult to plan for, we again provide a party with a combination of types of entertainment, quick to alter our offerings to the specific tastes of the kids you have present at your party.

Respecting the guests’ older ages, we provide a bit more unstructured time for them to interact, but still don’t make them suffer through too much potentially awkward free time by using our DJ and entertainers to continuously interact with everyone. Our young adult DJs will work with you to choose the perfect music, understanding perfectly the hits popular with this age group today.

By clicking any of the above links, you can read more about our Kids Disco services and see the information which is relevant to that specific Kids age group.

Which Party Services Are Included with a City Nights Disco Kids’ Disco?

No matter the age group, we provide all of our clients with a specialized kids’ DJ guaranteed to get your guests having fun in no time. Along with our DJs, we are happy to provide as many entertainers as needed to keep your guests participating in a safe environment throughout the event. We can provide a state of the art sound system and any other technical equipment you may need.

We also offer a number of special effects as well, from bubble machines and LED lighting to disco balls and smoke machines. We can find you the perfect special effects to match your disco party’s atmosphere and theme perfectly. Just let us know what you need for your disco party for kids and we will make sure you have it for your event with City Nights Disco.

Don’t let anymore time go by without planning a kids’ disco to finally get in that quality time with your children and your loved ones! Contact us today to plan the best disco party for kids you have ever seen!