​For us, Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year! It’s a time when we get to kick back and unwind after a year of hard work, spending time with family, friends, and coworkers. It’s what makes Christmas parties one of our favorite events of the year.What makes our City Nights Disco Christmas parties so much fun? Why, it’s the office Christmas party games, of course! Games make it fun to compete with coworkers, promoting both a healthy spirit of competition while bringing coworkers closer together and boosting morale. A morale boost is definitely one of the best ways to improve performance. If you want some great Christmas […]

What could be better than a kids’ birthday party? It’s a chance to bring your child’s friends together for a day of fun, games, food, and celebration. Talk about fun!We love planning kids’ parties, as there’s nothing better than seeing their little eyes light up at some new surprise or discovery. It’s a challenge to us to come up with bigger, more creative activities for their party. CHECK OUT OUR CHILDRENS’ PARTY SERVICES! But before the party ever begins, we make sure to go over our kids party checklist and make sure we have everything ready for the big event. Using the checklist helps us to be sure we’re not […]

Games for Teens We use the term ‘Teen’ to represent an audience between the ages of around 9Yrs and 12/13Yrs. Teens are at the cross-over point between Children and Young Adults and this is an age group where games / competitions / spot-prizes, etc may, or indeed may not, be wanted or appreciated. We’ll be delighted to organise games or competitions of any kind if you so wish- but this is usually best left until we (and you) get there and we can ‘judge the mood on the night’. Feedback both in advance and also on the night from you / our Teen ‘Hosts’ will be what we’re looking for- and of course, feedback […]

Have you ever wondered where the term “disc jockey” came from? It turns out, the history of DJs and DJ epquipment is quite long and interesting. Take a look at the evolution of the disc jockey in the infographic below, and note some of the major evolutionary milestones. The first radio playlist was born created by 16 year-old Ray Newby using a spark transmitter. After the popularity of streaming radio music, “Juke Joints” became popular which played pre-recorded music set lists so visitors could dance. The first use of the phrase “Disc jockey” was used to describe someone who changed the records for the radio by Walter Winchell. The first […]

Corporate after-parties are the parties that get people talking excitedly and spreading over social networks. Sure, most of these events are reserved for A-list celebrities and other VIP though it doesn’t hurt to dream about them and imagine all the glam and pizzazz you will be immersed in if you ever get the good fortune to find yourself on the invite list. Corporate after-parties are normally the highlight of the night and are often anticipated more than the event itself. The following are some of the most talked about parties of 2013 and have earned their place on this list for their extravagance and willingness to spare no expenses at […]