Monthly Archives: May 2014

​ Throwing a birthday party for a teenager is NOT easy! Teens have very specific ideas of what they want, but what they want may not always be possible due to time, budget, or location constraints. Coming up with entertainment ideas for teens that they’ll actually enjoy is one of the greatest challenges parents face when […]

​ When it comes to a kids’ party, the last thing you want is to keep the children trapped inside the house. With so much energy and exuberance, they need plenty of space to run, jump, and play. By taking the party outside, you provide a safe, fun space for them to enjoy themselves without worrying […]

​ How can you make your party fun for your kids? That’s the question all parents wrestle with when trying to plan their child’s party. It can be tough to know what will make your child happiest. Will it be clowns and face painting, or will balloon animals do the trick? Will a pool party be […]

​ What is a party without music? Music is what turns your gathering of friends, family, and children into a proper fiesta! It puts a rhythm in your step and a need to move in your bones. With the childrens party music, you can turn even a simple affair into a full-on spectacle. GET A QUOTE! […]

Thinking about attending one of Europe’s now infamous music festivals as part or even the sole purpose of your vacation this summer? You’re not alone. Millions of Europeans will travel across both the UK and the continent in search of the musical paradise that embodies the right type of musical genre and atmosphere for their […]