Monthly Archives: August 2012

It seems that not just celebrities go all out when it comes to birthday celebrations. Business moguls and pretty much anyone with the funds to splurge, can throw some really great parties. These executives of finance, music, retail, and the like don’t hold back when it comes to putting together parties to remember. They ensure […]

Sweet sixteen parties for the gloriously rich and famous can already be seen on the MTV series “My Super Sweet 16″. They are exceptional mostly because teens really know what they want. And these teens, whose parents prefer to shell out the big bucks than to face yet another early adolescent tantrum, actually get what […]

Weddings are dedicated occasions to celebrating love, but there’s nothing about love that excludes opulence and luxury, now is there? Celebrities and high-class socialites alike are renowned for their extravagance when it comes to hosting wedding parties, with invitees exceeding a thousand, flowers from the most exotic locales, gowns worth more than their homes, and […]

While electronic dance music continues to surge in popularity globally, DJ’s are an increasingly hot commodity and are earning record high paychecks. It pays to develop your talent spinning in the DJ booth, as the highest paid DJ, Tiësto, earns around £160,000 per night. Some of these ultra hip, in-demand, DJs started out playing at […]

The only thing we’ll ask you to provide on the day will be some Prizes for us to give out to the winners of any activities we’re doing.

Prizes are a sure-fire way of keeping the attention of Children throughout the Disco.

You can spend as little or as much as you like on Prizes, but a multi-bag or two of fun-size Mars-bar or Haribo type sweets is usually more than sufficient.

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